Blog Post 1: Importance of Quality Assurance

Software development isn’t all about writing code. A vital aspect of software development is quality assurance. Some may think that quality assurance is just all about testing the code to make sure it works. However, while that is a big part of quality assurance, there is more to it than that. As the name itself suggests, a quality assurance team ensures that the development of a product goes smoothly and without flaws. Testing occurs during each phase of development. They confirm that the end product is properly working before it releases.

Now of course sometimes you can’t have a whole team to certify that your code is perfect. Learning how to do QA on your own code is helpful as a programmer. This could include writing tests for your code, as well as making sure the code does not have anything unnecessary. Although this type of testing may not be an extensive as real Quality Assurance testing, it is still a good way to make sure that the program can run smoothly. There are many different forms of testing, some of which may be automated. Some developers feel that writing up tests for their code may take up more time than it is worth, so automation is an optimal solution.

Having quality assurance in software development increases the quality of the code and results in a more finished end product. It is an essential aspect of creating up to par software, and so being able to provide quality assurance to their code is something that every programmer should strive for.

Articles that provided useful information about quality assurance:

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